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Rebels Have New Strategy in Homs

The strategy is designed to sow division between loyalist forces
Rebels Have New Strategy in Homs

A new rebel strategy in Homs is escalating disagreements between leaders of the pro-regime militia called "Shabbiha."


'Terror Balance'is the name used to describe the new strategy adopted by the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in their fight against regime forces and Hezbollah, according to sources.


This strategy is based on firing the pro-regime areas with Grad rockets when regime forces bomb or invade civilians in other areas of Homs.


The source said the strategy is proving effective as it prompts disagreement between leaders of the Shabbiha, especially as they became certain that the FSA is serious in applying this strategy after more than 10 days of attack.


The serious situation in pro-regime areas forced the regime to ease attacks on Homs, as they could no longer be sure of regime promises to control Homs before the middle of Ramadan.


The source confirmed that the Bab al-Hud front is proving the toughest in the government campaign and a large number of residents have been killed by explosive barrels.


The neighborhood has been reduced to rubble, and there is no protection for the FSA. Despite all the challenges, none of the FSA members, who are originally from the area, have left and have managed to prevent regime attempts to enter the area.


The source also denied a claim that the al-Musaudi school was under the control of the regime and Hezbollah militia.


Homs, nicknamed “The Capital of Syrian Revolution”, lies at a strategic point linking Damascus with army bases in coastal regions controlled by Assad's Alawite sect.


The United Nations says as many as 100,000 people have been killed in Syria and four million have been internally displaced, while nearly two million have fled to neighboring countries.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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