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Rebels Fear Attacks as Regime Convoys Filter in From Lattakia

Assad forces transport two convoys of buses carrying members of sectarian militias from Lattakia to the city of Idleb
Rebels Fear Attacks as Regime Convoys Filter in From Lattakia

According to activists, a military convoy from Lattakia, consisting of more than 10 buses carrying dozens of militants, was seen at al-Maasara checkpoint in ar-Roj plain. The convoy stopped for two hours and then continued to the city of Idleb via Ariha.

Media activist Hashem Abdullah told Siraj Press: "We have noticed the alert at the checkpoints, reconnaissance teams went out to check the international highway, and we saw the buses, but we did not know the destination. The military commanders predicted that they were heading to Kafraya and al-Fuaa, following the attack launched by the rebels".

Regime forces also transported a second convoy, consisting of 20 buses, which stopped at al-Maasara checkpoint on Tuesday at exactly 8 o'clock. Half an hour later it stopped in the town of Ormat al-Jawz for about two hours, setting off towards Idleb city, according to activists.

The activist, Abu Ali, told Siraj Press: "We watched the movement of the two convoys since they entered al-Ghab plain until they arrived at the city of Idleb. Regime checkpoints were in a state of alert, and they combed the sides of the road with heavy machine guns".

Last month, regime forces carried out two infiltration operations, where a group infiltrated towards the village of Kfer- near the town of Psonkol – burning 20 homes after the residents fled the town – while another group infiltrated the villages of Qarsaia and Innib, reahing one of the houses and killing an entire family. The rebels fear similar operations, especially in the areas surrounding the villages of Kafraya and al-Fuaa.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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