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Price of Olives Continues to Rise as Salaries Remain Stagnant

High labor costs and the price of transportation is pushing up the price of olives, but for many people they cannot afford to pay writes Snack Syria.
Price of Olives Continues to Rise as Salaries Remain Stagnant

It appears that public sector employees are obliged to pay for everything related to their living expenses in instalments, even food. The head of the Damascus Chamber of Agriculture, Omar al-Shalat, said that a 16 kilogram canister of olives cost between 23,000-26,000 Syrian pounds, and that for 20 liters of oil it was 25,000-30,000. 

Shalat said that the olives were plentiful in markets but that the prices were still high and that they had only gone down a little bit and for specific types compared with last year. He said that the matter related to the fact that olive producers still suffered from a lack of labor, with wages above 600 pounds per hour, in addition to the cost of transport, which is passed on to consumers.


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