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Party Roles Need to be Revitalized: Assad

Assad said alien concepts had penetrated Arab societies
Party Roles Need to be Revitalized: Assad

President Bashar Assad on Tuesday met with  members of the General Secretariat of the Arab Parties' General Conference, which is holding its extraordinary session in Damascus.


The meeting addressed developments in the Arab World generally, and in Syria in particular.


Assad confirmed that there has been a decrease in the active role played by Arab political parties in recent years which had allowed alien thoughts and movements to enter these societies.


Assad underlined the need to revitalize the role of political parties and popular organizations, saying these organizations must be based on the thoughts and pulse of the people, who had proved their adherence to national and pan-Arab standards and their awareness of the reality of what is happening in the Arab arena.


He also underlined the need to bolster relations among Arab political parties to serve mutual interests and boost relations, adding that intellectual efforts must be unified to confront the “Takfiri” extremist mentality which targets Arabs and their national identity.


He stressed the importance of the concept of pan-Arabism, based on citizenship and non-discrimination.


The General Secretariat members voiced support for Syria and confidence that the Syrian people and army will be victorious in their war against  terrorism and in foiling plots attempting to divide Syria and other countries in the region.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer




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