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‘Our Country is Everyone’s Responsibility’ Campaign Launched in Eastern Ghouta

Civil society groups launch development initiative in eastern Ghouta in coordination with unified judiciary
‘Our Country is Everyone’s Responsibility’ Campaign Launched in Eastern Ghouta

Suffocating from the regime-imposed siege on Damascus’ eastern Ghouta, relief and civil society organizations work within the besieged area to coordinate humanitarian efforts in an attempt to alleviate the blockade.

All4Syria spoke with Usus director Malek al-Aseer to discuss development projects sponsored by the organization in eastern Ghouta, and these project’s strategic goals.

"Usus (foundation) and Aman (security) Network recently launched the ‘Our Country is Everyone's Responsibility’ campaign, which aims to shed light on the more critical problems in eastern Ghouta, while promoting self-reliance projects through workshops in several fields, mostly related to the investment and development of available resources",Aseer said.

"We are coordinating with the unified judiciary in eastern Ghouta, the Directorate of Education and the General Command of Eastern Ghouta, to unite all efforts and reduce the problems and difficulties faced by the children of eastern Ghouta", Aseer added.

Aseer explained: "the first workshop dedicated to this goal was launched under the title ‘Our Children, Pain of the Present, Hope for the Future’. The workshop was held in Saqba city, and included organizations and activists from each of the cities and towns of Hammouriah, Kafr Batna, Ain Tarma, Arbin, Zebdine, Deir al-Asafeer, Maliha and Jobar, in addition to a similar workshop in the city of Douma.

“The training workshops reached a decision to establish the Office of Child Protection to guarantee the rights of the child, and we are working on the implementation of these decisions through mechanisms of action, agreed upon at a meeting of various civic events in eastern Ghouta.

“The workshops are working on solving the problems of the children of eastern Ghouta at various levels; psychological and physical health, children's rights, family and community status and education. These workshops agreed to create the Charter of Joint Work, to regulate the work of the active organizations", Aseer said.

Usus organization specializes in human development issues, working to rebuild the human element through workshops and training courses, focusing on all fields under the harsh conditions of war and siege.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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