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Our institutions Nearly Bankrupt, Most Talented Unemployed

The situation of the Syrian economy is gloomy, with high unemployment leading to outmigration, according to al-Baath.
Our institutions Nearly Bankruptcy, Most Talented Unemployed
Our institutions Nearly Bankrupt, Most Talented Unemployed

Over the past three years, the number of Syrian talents and competencies migrating abroad has doubled, with migration convoys proliferating since the beginning of the war on Syria, whether through legitimate or illegal means. 

What is disturbing is that this migration has drained our best competencies and expertise in all fields, especially graduates from universities with medical and engineering specializations. The situation is dire to the extent that medical faculties in all our universities, especially the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Damascus, were almost devoid of their teaching staff. Consequently, the students are facing a problem, which the college continues to suffer from. In addition, there is an exodus of professionals and craftsmen who have been creative in their field but have found no one to appreciate and maintain their creativity. 

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“We don’t even have a human resources department in our government institutions that properly applies the concept and principles of human resources,” said Dr. Samer al-Mustafa, Dean of the Higher Institute for Administrative Development at Damascus University. They are merely departments that exist by name and not by their content of human resources activities. Therefore, their name should be closer to Individuals management, not human resource management, development, and employment – as required!

In numbers 

In 2011, the unemployment rate in Syria was around 8%, according to official statistics. This number has increased during the years of war to reach more than 56%. Although there are no official statistics on unemployment rates in the last two years, it certainly exceeds 60% according to the opinions of a number of specialists, especially among graduates in universities and technical institutes. What’s dangerous is that the unemployed are among the best competencies and experiences available. They are able to find exits and solutions to our problems, and guide us, although slowly, towards achieving developmental goals!


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