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National Reconciliation Efforts Progressing: Halqi

Halqi hails successful diplomacy at Geneva II
National Reconciliation Efforts Progressing: Halqi

Syrian diplomacy and national media during the Geneva II conference successfully conveyed the voice of the Syrian people to the whole world, unmasking supporters of terrorism and blood shed, Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi said.


Halqi made the comment during a weekly Cabinet meeting on Tuesday.


Halqi said the Syrian official delegation participating in Geneva II represented the Syrian people and embodied dignified diplomacy.


He said sucsessful Syrian diplomacy coincided with progress on national reconciliation, particularly in Damascus and its countryside.


He noted that Syrian people believe the crisis can only be resolved through unity, rejecting violence, and confronting the takfiri Wahhabi mentality.


He added that the economy is stable and that the government will take new steps to strengthen the Syrian Pound and reduce  prices.


Halqi stressed the need to deal with administrative weaknesses in state institutions.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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