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Most Damascus Residents Not Paying Water Bills

The Water Corporation is working on an emergency supply plan for Damascus
Most Damascus Residents Not Paying Water Bills

General Director of the Water Corporation in Rural Damascus, Hossam Hreden has announced the amount of water supplied to the region, saying most residents are not paying for it.


Hreden said more than 55,000 cubic meters of water is produced and supplied to Damascus on a daily basis.


That amount, he said, was consumed by the province's 539,575 subscribers during the first half of 2013.


Hreden said, however that the amount of water paid for does not exceed 22,000 cubic meters.


"The size of the investment projects for the Water Corporation in Damascus for the next year is 2.975 billion Syrian Pounds. The most important project is the emergency plan and providing and processing reserves with with tanks and electric generators linking production centers," Hreden said.


Hreden said the Corporation had taken in to account preparations for the implementation of the emergency plan for Damascus at an estimated total value of 441 million Syrian Pounds, as well as the project to draw water from Quneitra to the areas hosting displaced populations in Damascus and its countryside, at an estimated value of 921 million Syrian Pounds.


The Corporation's Director Samer Ahmed denied in a statement to al-Watan newspaper rumors of an increase in water tariffs, confirming that they will remain the same despite the losses suffered by the institution.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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