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Monthly Living Costs Reaches 332,000 Syrian Pounds

The cost of living in Syria continues to rise, adding yet more pressure on families who are struggling to survive reports Al-Hal.
Monthly Living Costs Reaches 332,000 Syrian Pounds

The cost of living for a Syrian family of five people has risen by about 22,000 Syrian pounds from the start of 2019 to July.

The average cost for a family of five living in Damascus in July was 332,000 pounds, according to the Qasioun online paper.

If measured in comparison with last year, it has risen by about 26,000 pounds, at a rate about about 8.4 percent.

Qasioun said in a report that there had been a rise in the cost of the food necessary to consume 2,400 varied calories per day for each individual, with the cost of drinks and other necessary items, at about 2,500 pounds compared with March 2019.

The costs of transport rose about eight percent with an increase in the cost of fuel and the price of taxis, noting that the cost of transport is based on the price of two taxis per month from Damascus to its suburbs, but the minimum price today was 1,800 pounds per trip.

The rise affected household goods, specifically the price of electrical goods, which rose about 9-10 percent with the increase in the dollar. The price of manufactured goods in terms of cleaning supplies and kitchen supplies are components in the monthly cost of household goods, according to the report.

The inflation rate in Syria rose to 1,200 percent compared with 2010. The Syrian pound has lost more than 10 times its value when compared with 2010, with the dollar currently at about 600 pounds, while it had been at 50 pounds in 2010.


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