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Leaked Document Exposes Regime Kidnappings and Executions

Secret intelligence document reveals regime's involvement in civilian abductions and executions
Leaked Document Exposes Regime Kidnappings and Executions

Al-Souria Net has published a new leaked document from anonymous sources inside the Homs military security branch.

The document explains the involvement of regime security forces in the kidnapping and killing of hostages, as well as theft of property operations. The document also proves regime security branches are aware of the involvement of its members in the kidnapping of Syrians, without any concern for the prevention of such acts.

The document identifies kidnapping operations along Homs-Salamiyah road, where many regime checkpoints are located. Security forces manning these checkpoints stop passing cars, then lead passengers away to an unknown location, either to kill them or swap them for large sums of money.

The leaked document reveals one of the locations where kidnapped persons are kept, at a farm close to Khnefis in as-Salamiyah countryside of Hama. It claims the farm is used by the regime official Musib Salamah to hide the kidnapped. The document also states members in the military security branch told their leaders about the location of the farm but none of them showed concern.

The document refers to an incident with one family at the Khnefis checkpoint, where "at 6 o'clock in the morning, one of the passing cars on Raqqa-Salamiyah road was heading to Deir-ez-Zor province. The father, Hussein Al-Shater, was in the car with his wife and their two daughters (the family was originally from Deir-ez-Zor). An argument broke out between the father and a member of the security force at the checkpoint after they tried to take down his wife. Members of the security force beat him with sticks and the butts of their rifles. The father and two members of his family were then dragged to the farm mentioned".

The document shows the source provided the military security branch with this information and showed his willingness to accompany regime forces to the farm, and to several other areas for keeping abductees, including apartments in as-Salamiyah and Khnefis.

The document claims the source is willing to cooperate with the security branch but only after ensuring protection for him and his family from any possible revenge by the family of Musib Salamah, or the families of regime forces implicated in the abductions.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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