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Khamis Inaugurates Road Projects in Lattakia

The new road projects are located in the cities of al-Haffa and Jableh, and will cost up to 11 billion Syrian pounds reports SANA.
Khamis Inaugurates Road Projects in Lattakia

Upon the directives of President Bashar al-Assad, Prime Minister Imad Khamis continued his visit to Lattakia province and inaugurated road projects and the headquarters of the Faculty of Dentistry at Tishreen University at a total cost exceeding 11 billion Syrian pounds.

The road projects are located in the cities of al-Haffa and Jableh.

During a meeting with the citizens of al-Haffa and its countryside, Khamis said that the government attaches great importance to the strengthening of the service and economic structures in Lattakia to ensure the advancement of various development fields.

Responding to complaints by some citizens about the marketing of apple crops and the damage caused to the tobacco crop, Khamis pointed out that the government is pursuing a marketing strategy for agricultural crops that will compensate the affected farmers in accordance with a plan to ensure benefit for farmers.

During the opening of the Faculty of Dentistry at Tishreen University, which cost two billion pounds, Khamis said that Syria has been able to overcome all the challenges in the education sector that were imposed by the crisis. He pointed out that, despite the war, upgrades to universities in various provinces have not stopped because education is a key factor in the process of reconstruction and capacity-building.

Khamis was also briefed on the works carried out on the al-Sin Spring tanks in the town of Qarfis, in the countryside of Jableh, which will supply about 75 to 100 thousand cubic meters of drinking water per day in Lattakia province that will help avoid shortages. The project was priced at 340 million pounds.

He also chaired a meeting of the Council of Higher Education at Tishreen University in order to follow up the government’s plan to develop the higher education system, including infrastructure, university admission, the reality of professors and the role of private universities.


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