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Jordanian Jihadist Says Fight Against Seculars

Jihadist leader accuses Free Syrian Army of starting recent clashes
Jordanian Jihadist Says Fight Against Seculars

The leader of an extreme jihadist movement in southern Jordan, Mohammad al-Shalabi, who uses the name Abu Sayyaf, says he expects fights a raging confrontation between Islamists and seculars in post-Assad Syria.


In statement to al-Hayat on Monday, he said that "the armed clashes which happened recently between us and the secular fighters of the Free Syrian Army were unavoidable because of the difference in methods and tactics.


He accused some FSA battalions of starting the clashes, saying "our fighters were targeted more than once by the agents of this army which has connections with the regime in Damascus."


Shalabi added that there is a "huge difference between Islamist and secular fighters both in target and vision. The Free Syrian Army, for example, wants to apply the democratic secular system and it doesn’t mind connecting its attitudes to western orders as soon as the regime falls."


The Nusra Front, and other Islamist organizations, on the other hand "want to apply the rules of Allah, and this will lead to an inevitable clash," he said.


"We passed into Syria to apply the rules of Allah. Never applying them will mean that things will stay the same if the tyrannical regime falls. It will mean that the blood shed in the last two years will be in vain."


Shalabi said that after the fall of the regime, the Free Syrian Army will ask Islamist Groups to give up their weapons and that heavy clashes and a great loss of life will occur as a result.


Translated and edited by the Syrian Observer


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