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Jihadist Leader Says Recent Charter of Honour a “Working Map”

Mohammed Abdul Qader Bakkour dismisses presidential election as "farce"
Jihadist Leader Says Recent Charter of Honour a “Working Map”

The Commander of the Army of Jihad, Colonel Mohammed Abdul Qader Bakkour, also known as Abu-Bakr, said he considers the recently agreed rebel Charter of Honor as a "working map" for the factions that signed it.


"Because of the frequent confusion among people towards the policies of the factions, we had to issue this Charter to clarify our policy, positions and our vision for the future," he said.


The reaction to the charter by the Syrian street was "good" in general and in Aleppo, especially, he said.


He said the charter had not come late, but within the context of circumstances and according to the requirements of the current stage.


"We were not extremists in the past, but we were and we will hold our lines which we laid since the outbreak of the revolution, and we have explained our goals on several occasions, most recently in the Charter of Honor," Bakkour said.


Regarding his position towards the Presidential election, Bakkour said: "These elections are a historical farce brought by the regime of Bashar Assad in an attempt to give he and his allies' a new motivation in their dirty fight against people. So these elections are illegitimate from an illegitimate regime that does not have anything in this country except of the barrels of death that kill the Syrian people."


"Our position towards the nomination of Bashar Assad for the election is that this is a part of a comic game he will continue to play to delude himself and those around him that he was elected a legitimate president by legitimate elections."


"The regime tried hard to achieve military gains before the electoral campaign; he boasted about his alleged victory in Homs, and tried to make a victory in Aleppo, but his attempts were unsuccessful, and he received blows in Sheikh Najjar, Ramouseh, the neighborhoods of Air Force Intelligence branch and al-Rashideen in the North. So he tried to compensate for his failure by striking civilians, targeting children's schools and people's markets," Bakkour added.


"The regime began his play and he will finish it, even if the presidential palace in Damascus was besieged, he will appear on the screen, declaring that the elections were conducted in a democratic and free atmosphere, and that Bashar Assad has won transparently. The play will end as the regime planned, and if we had tried to influence it, people would have been the sole losers. We expect that the regime may fabricate bombings in civilian areas, claiming that terrorists are targeting civilians to disrupt the elections," he added.


As for the movement of the rebels in the coming days, Bakkour said: "For us, we will complete our role, before, during and after the elections, but for the regime, it will consider that it won a legitimate elections and it gained legitimacy and it will continue its massacres and its alleged war against terrorism but, God willing, we will not surrender until the fall of the tyrant regime and all its symbols."


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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