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Jassim Children Buried in Mass Grave as Child Conference Opens

As Halki opened conference on protection of women and children, airstrikes killed dozens in his own birthplace
Jassim Children Buried in Mass Grave as Child Conference Opens

The War Prime Minister, Wael Halki opened a conference yesterday in Damascus under the title: 'The protection of women and children from abuses during the war.


Halki said in his opening speech that Syrian women have proved to be the strongest in facing the crisis and adapting to the new circumstances in the country, pointing to the sacrifices being made in the face of terrorism, which have made women and children suffer from displacement and violations.


As Halki was opening the conference, regime forces carried out several air raids on the city of Jassim (Halki's own birthplace) in Deraa countryside, which led to the deaths of dozens of martyrs and injuries of many others.


Fear of airstrikes led the people of the city to quickly bury the martyrs, some of whom were buried in mass graves.


A source from one of the Baath Party National organizations said that instructions recently issued by higher authorities called on the government, people's organizations and trade unions to activate conferences and public meetings to highlight those meetings in the media in order to convey a message that things are continuing well in Damascus.


Meanwhile, the eastern port of the capital and its main artery is closed due to a second day of clashes.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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