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ISIS Withdraws From City of Hassakeh

Syrian army and allied forces tighten grip on Hassakeh after eliminating the last remaining ISIS fighters, pro-regime news reports
ISIS Withdraws From City of Hassakeh

Assad forces, backed by Kurdish People Protection Units, seized the city of Hassakeh in northeastern Syria on afternoon of August 1, after clashes with the Islamic State (ISIS) in the vicinity of the economics and engineering faculties east of the city.
 The flags of the regime and the Kurdish forces could be seen raised over the two buildings.

Activists in the city attributed the ISIS withdrawal from the region to the US-led coalition's air raids, while ISIS still controls the neighborhoods of az-Zuhur and Rusafa south of the city.

Syrian official news agency, SANA, said the Syrian army, in collaboration with "associated patriotic forces", tightened its grip on the city of Hassakeh, and eliminated the last gatherings of “ISIS terrorists" after operations "ended with the fall of dozens of dead and wounded within the ranks of ISIS".

ISIS launched an offensive in June in an attempt to control the city of Hassakeh, amid accusations of using poison gas against the Kurdish-controlled areas in northeastern Syria.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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