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ISIS Recaptures Strategic Ain Issa from FSA, YPG Forces

Kurdish units say fighting continues as ISIS fighters attempt to retake towns in the countryside of Raqqa

ISIS Recaptures Strategic Ain Issa from FSA, YPG Forces

ISIS fighters have recaptured Ain Issa, north of Raqqa city on Monday, two weeks after their withdrawal from the town following battles with Kurdish forces supported by coalition air cover.

Ahmed Abu al-Faruq told Anatolia agency: "the organization seized the town this morning, after violent clashes with the Kurdish People Protection Units backed by fighters of the Free Syrian Army".

According to Faruq, the clashes continued in the vicinity of the town until this afternoon, in an attempt by the Kurdish YPG units and Free Syrian Army fighters to regain control of the town.

YPG spokesperson Raidero Khalil said the units "seized Jisr Abyad, south of Hassakeh city on Sunday night in an attempt to besiege ISIS fighters in the city. To relieve the pressure on its fighters, ISIS launched a large-scale attack starting from Badi Alia on the international road, passing through the villages of Sherkirak and al-Gantari, and ending in Ain al-Issa".

"ISIS did not make any progress on any front, except for Ain al-Issa, where Euphrates Volcano forces were stationed. Brigade 93 are still controlled by the units, however clashes continue inside the town to expel ISIS forces from it", Khalil added.

Euphrates Volcano is an operations room consisting of Free Syrian Army factions and Kurdish units.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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