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ISIS Prince at-Tunisi Killed in Ghouta

Badr Corps media office confirms ISIS prince killed in eastern Ghouta "secret HQ"
ISIS Prince at-Tunisi Killed in Ghouta

The ar-Rahman Corps, a member of the Unified Military Command, confirmed its fighters have killed the commander of ISIS in Ghouta, Abu Muhammad at-Tunisi, on Thursday.


The Media Office of the Badr Corps claimed it had succeeded in obtaining accurate information regarding the location of ISIS commander. After identifying at-Tunisi’s secret headquarters, ar-Rahman Corps fighters raided the hiding place and killed the ISIS prince.


The Corps has not yet identified where the operation took place, but it has confirmed the death of at-Tunisi, claiming no other ISIS fighters were killed in the operation.


Over the past months, ISIS has killed many of the Unified Military Command leaders of Eastern Ghouta in a campaign of assassination.


The commander of the Badr Brigade, Abu Muhammad Harun, in addition to leaders of the Army of Islam, Abu Mohammad Adas Mujaddara and Abu Khattab were among those murdered by ISIS.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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