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ISIS Flogs Hassakeh Women for Refusing Hijab

Whipping of seven women from the villages of Hadidiya and Miidish deepens resentment towards ISIS among locals
ISIS Flogs Hassakeh Women for Refusing Hijab

The so-called Islamic State (ISIS) publicly flogged a group of women in the city of Hassakeh, northeast of Syria, for refusing to wear the hijab, activists said.

According to the activists, ISIS whipped two women from the Ogaidat and Jihesh tribes in the village of Hadidiya in the southern countryside of Hassakeh, and five women in the village of Midish, a town whose inhabitants belong to the Hazeem, Juburiyah and Nashahda clans.

Activists said that people in the southern countryside of Hassakeh were appalled by the incident, as it took place in front of the women’s relatives.

Mohammed Jassim al-Hassakeh told the Welati Network: "people are living under tragic situations due to ISIS’ implementation of extreme laws that have no relation to religion or Islam; ISIS-held areas in Syria live in real horror."

This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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