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ISIS Demoralized as Govt Forces Advance Further Into Syrian Desert

State media reports on gains by regime forces and allied militias in several areas of the Syrian Desert region at the expense of ISIS
ISIS Demoralized as Govt Forces Advance Further Into Syrian Desert

Army units and allied forces continued to advance in the Syrian Desert region, establishing control over the Ark Triangle area and the hills overlooking it, as well as the Third Station in Homs province, a military source said.

The source said that pro-government forces thwarted attempts by Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists to recapture areas in the desert, inflicting heavy losses upon the fleeing militants. The terrorists blew up a station and nearby oil wells before they fled, the source added.


The Syrian air force has carried out intensive airstrikes on ISIS locations and convoys in the western countryside of Raqqa and eastern countryside of Aleppo.

A military source told SANA Wednesday that the airstrikes destroyed ISIS positions and vehicles, killing scores of terrorists and injuring others.


Army units, backed by the Syrian air force, has destroyed ISIS gatherings and a weapons depot in Deir-ez-Zor.

SANA’s reporter said that the units engaged in fierce clashes after ISIS attacked military positions in the Al-Rishdieh neighborhood and the southern axis of Deir-ez-Zor city, killing and injuring many of the terrorists and forcing others to flee.

The reporter added that Syrian warplanes destroyed an ISIS weapons depot in the Al-Hamedieh neighborhood along with a number of their hideouts and fortifications in the city and its environs.

Local sources also confirmed the death of Saudi terrorist Abou Souheib al-Jazrawi, the assistant of the head of ISIS' morality police in the western countryside of the province. His body was found dumped on the road to the village of Abu Khashab, about 70 kilometers northwest of the provincial capital.

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