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Homs: Assassination Attempt Targets Head of Criminal Court

The explosion occurred in a tourist car in the Shammas neighbourhood, according to Enab Baladi.
Homs: Assassination Attempt Targets Head of Criminal Court

An improvised explosive device (IED) detonated near a vehicle in the al-Shammas neighbourhood of central Syria’s Homs governorate, resulting in injuries to three individuals, among them Judge Akram Ibrahim, presiding over the Criminal Court in Homs.

According to a statement from the Homs Police Command reported by the official Syrian news agency SANA on Thursday, the explosion occurred in a tourist car in the Shammas neighbourhood, located south of Homs. The identities of the wounded, whether civilian or military, remain undisclosed at present.

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Reports from various Facebook news pages, including the Baath Party’s page, suggest that the explosion was targeted at Judge Akram Ibrahim and his son, lawyer Milad Ibrahim, as they were entering the university residence in the city. The accompanying images depict the extent of the damage caused by the explosion.

The London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights characterized the incident as a failed assassination attempt on Judge Akram Ibrahim, noting that an unknown perpetrator planted an explosive device in his car, which detonated after he and his son had entered the vehicle. The judge sustained severe injuries, resulting in the amputation of his foot, while his son and another individual were also wounded.

Such attacks have recurred intermittently in central Syria, with the responsible parties remaining unidentified. On April 3, military personnel of the Syrian regime forces mourned the loss of Engineer Bassel Abdel Qader, director of the Hama branch for military construction, who was killed by an explosive device in Hama governorate, central Syria.


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