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Heavy Clashes Between Security Forces and Shaleesh Family

Live fire and hand grenades were used in a fight between members of the Shaleesh family and members of the Syrian security services reports Etihad Press.
Heavy Clashes Between Security Forces and Shaleesh Family

The al-Ziraa Square area in the city of Lattakia witnessed clashes between Syrian intelligence and relatives of the Assad family (the Shaleesh family) which led to the use of hand grenades, according to local sources.

The incident occurred at the Kasbeela restaurant in the al-Ziraa Square area which is near Tishreen University, as a result of a dispute between members of Syrian intelligence and people from the Shaleesh family, who are close to the head of the Syrian regime.

The dispute escalated to a point where hand grenades were used and gunfire exchanged. The street was closed off and security forces were unable to intervene, amid a heavy security presence in the area.

The matter created anger on social media, with most commenters expressing their indignation at the show of arms and the rebellion of these groups against the city and its inhabitants, exploiting their influence. Many hinted that they feared that they could be arrested or harmed if they were exposed to those who started the problem, in a reference to the relatives of the Assad family from the Shaleesh family.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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