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Ghouta Rebel Councils Deny Truce with Assad

Ten rebel councils signed a statement saying no truce was agreed
Ghouta Rebel Councils Deny Truce with Assad

In a statement issued on Monday, ten revolutionary councils in the Eastern Ghouta region near Damascus denied any truce or ceasefire agreement with Bashar Assad’s forces.


The statement said that the proclaimed truces are "pure fabrication, and the news unfounded."


While the army remains in control of Damascus, rebels still hold a number of towns and villages on the outskirts, despite a suffocating blockade, frequent airstrikes and shelling.


The statement was signed by the council of  Saqba, Arbin, Snick, Beit Sawa, Hazzeh, Zamalka, Jobar, Harasta, Hammoriya, Ain Tarma, and Kafr Batna.


Recent ceasefire deals, as in Mouadamiya and Homs, come as troops loyal to Assad try to seize as many rebel-held areas of major urban centers as possible ahead of the 3 June presidential elections.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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