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Foreign Ministry: Public Misled Over Realities Inside Syria

Foreign ministry briefs UN on situation in Syria, demanding deterrent measures be taken in response to terrorist organizations
Foreign Ministry: Public Misled Over Realities Inside Syria

Syria’s Foreign Ministry addressed two identical letters to the UN Secretary General and head of the UN Security Council regarding the incessant bids to mislead public opinion concerning the situation in Syria.

The ministry protested that the real triggers of current events, which are the killing of civilians by terrorists at the bidding of other countries, are usually neglected.

The ministry cited the areas of Baba Amr in Homs, Raqqa’s city and villages, Adra city and Maaloula in Damascus countryside, Sheikh Miskin in Daraa province and Kassab in Lattakia as examples of the brutality of terrorist organizations, which commit crimes and wreak massive damage in these areas.

The ministry questioned how these terror groups could be regarded as “moderate opposition”.

The ministry stated the city of Aleppo had remained stable for over a year following the start of the crisis, until terrorist groups entered the city at the request of countries which claim to be friends of the Syrian people.

Hassakeh has suffered a similar grim fate, as the stable situation was reversed after terrorist organizations swept through scores of villages in the northern province, the letters added.

Thousands of Nusra Front terrorists recently attacked the cities of Busra al-Sham and Idleb, heavily shelling civilians and committing heinous crimes, prompting large numbers of civilians to flee, the ministry said.

The letters added that as many as 30,000 civilians, including 10,000 children, were displaced from Idleb city in the wake of the offensive.

The waves of displacement prompted civilians to flee to areas controlled by the Syrian government, further exacerbating the burden on the Syrian state, the letters added.

The ministry highlighted the tragedy inside the Yarmouk refugee camp near Damascus, in which ISIS terrorists began an offensive inside the camp aided by the Nusra Front.

“It just proves right our warnings over the past years and reveals the truth about collaboration between these terror organizations and Israel,” added the ministry.

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