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Daraya Local Council Says No Progress in Truce Negotiations

The agreement was to include the release of all prisoners without discrimination
Daraya Local Council Says No Progress in Truce Negotiations

The local council member for the city of Daraya, Muhannad Abu Zein, denied in a telephone call with Rosana, reports on the Damas Post website and al-Akhbar newspaper that an agreement had been reached between Daraya council and the regime.


"The negotiations date back to several months, where members of the Baath party conveyed the demands of the people in Daraya to the regime, but the demands were met with rejection," Abu Zein said.


He pointed out that they did not close the door of negotiations, saying "the initiative was activated again by Brigadier General Ali Salem from the office of Bashar Assad and through the Mufti of Damascus Countryside, Imad al-Afiouni."


Abu Zein pointed out that the points of the agreement document were formulated by the workforces in Daraya, represented by the local council of Daraya and the Brigade of Islam Martyrs and the Islamic Union for the Soldiers of Islam.


He explained that "there are no direct negotiations so far, because the regime canceled the scheduled visit last Monday, and it has been delayed again for reasons not mentioned by the Mufti. There are talks about setting a date during the coming week".


The document included the release of all prisoners without discrimination, including women and children and those who were arrested three years ago (approximately 1900 names), according to Abu-Zein.


"There are names that are not documented, but the release of everyone was a prerequisite for starting the negotiations, and for the redeployment of regime forces on the outskirts of the city," he said.


Muhannad Abu-Zein stressed that there are no foreign militants, and said "all the formations are from the local residents of Daraya."


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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