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Damascus Receives 70% of Water Needs: PM Halki

Damascus drinking water secure amid attacks on water resources and infrastructure, says prime minister
Damascus Receives 70% of Water Needs: PM Halki

Prime Minister Wael al-Halki inspected Damascus water supply on Saturday, touring a number of transferring, processing and distribution institutions.

Halki said that despite terrorist attacks targeting water resources and infrastructure, nearly 70 percent of the city’s water needs are being secured, adding that water is routinely checked and tested to ensure its purity, cleanliness and suitability for all uses.

The prime minister stressed Damascus’ drinking water is secure and that concerned bodies are taking all measures to provide for needs in all conditions, including activating emergency wells.

Halki said Aleppo is also suffering from a power problem which impacts on water pumps and filtering units, adding that about 50 percent of water needs are being supplied, with the amount to increase thanks to an improvement towards the province’s electricity situation.

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