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Damascus Drinking Water Sterilized

Water sources feeding Damascus city will be back in service after breaking down on Friday
Damascus Drinking Water Sterilized

Minister of Water Resources Kamal al-Shikheh stressed that the water being supplied to Damascus city is safe and sterilized, dismissing all social media reports which have claimed otherwise as “baseless”.


Speaking to SANA via a statement on Tuesday, the minister said the General Establishment of Drinking Water and Sewerage of Damascus and its Countryside supplies drinking water to the citizens after daily analysis to check its safety according to the Syrian standards.


The establishment’s director, Hussam Hreidin, assured that the major water sources feeding Damascus city would be back in service within hours after a breakdown on Friday was fully fixed.


Alternative sources from the Damascus city basin and the water pumping centers spread all over the city have been employed to tackle the situation, Hreidan noted on Friday.


He also gave assurances that the establishment has an emergency plan for the possibility of any water supply source being out of service for three to seven days.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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