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Assad Visits Displaced Shelter in Adra

Assad says the state is continuing efforts to provide the basic needs of citizens
Assad Visits Displaced Shelter in Adra

President Bashar Assad visited the al-Dweir makeshift shlelter in Adra, Damascus countryside on Wednesday, inspecting the situation of displaced people there. 


Assad toured the facility housing displaced families and heard about their needs and the conditions of their residence.


Assad confiemd that the state is going ahead with efforts to combat terrorism and the terrorists who have forced citizens out of their houses and perpetrated hideous crimes against them. He stressed that the state continues providing basic requirements to the displaced families until everybody returns home, whether in Adra or in any other place.


"Before terrorists entered it, Adra was Syria in miniature, hosting citizens from all the Syrian provinces and governorates that have been targeted by terrorists," the President said.


Assad said the Syrian armed forces have offered many sacrifices and martyrs in the efforts to restore security and stability to the homeland and return every displaced person to his home and every kidnapped to his family.


"The Syrian Arab Army will continue, supported by citizens, to strike terrorism everywhere in Syria," Assad said.


Regarding the missing citizens, Assad said that the state will leave no stone unturned on this file, adding that "every Syrian citizen has our attention, whether he is an injured, kidnapped, missing or a martyr."


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer




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