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Assad Forces Hit Yabroud Medical Centers

Sources say Yabroud is in urgent need of medical support for the displaced people
Assad Forces Hit Yabroud Medical Centers

The medical office in Yabroud has expressed concern over the lack of urgent medical and relief supplies during one of the most severe attacks on the rebel-held city by Bashar Assad's forces, backed by Hezbollah and other Shiite Militias.


The office said they are in urgent need of MRI and CT scanning machines, along with blood analysis electronic machines and storage facilities  for medicines.


A source in Yabroud said there was a need for medical support for the displaced people, who have now been displaced for the second time, headed toward Jebbeh, Asal al-Ward, Bekka and Ras al-Ain. The source suggested establishing a medical centre behind the Qalamon region to prepare as stand-by.


The source revealed the degree of people’s suffering in Yabroud, which has been under siege for more than three months and has come under  an even more intense siege recenty.


Yabroud played an important role in supporting the Syrian revolution since the beginning of the uprising against Assad, sheltering the displaced from areas like Homs, Damascus and its countryside. The city was considered an important medical refuge for many patients and wounded civilians and Free Syrian Army fighters. The city had expert medical staff and public support, as well as medical support from Lebanon. All this served to provoke the regime to destroy it.


The Syrian regime has damaged most hospitals and medical centre in the city. The latest was the Obstetric Hospital on 25 February.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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