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Assad Decrees Will Bury Revolution

Source says the decrees will include a major expansion on the theme of reconciliation in the hot cities and towns
Assad Decrees Will Bury Revolution

An exclusive source has told Akhbar al-Aan details about the prisoner exchange in Damascus and details about new legislation to push further truce deals.


"I went to meet the governor of Damascus to receive my city's detainees who were released from Adra central priso – ten detainees out of a total of 490 from different Syrian provinces, including Damascus, according to the governor," the source said.


"I asked about the rest of the detainees in the security branches and about some other sensitive files such as the defectors and compensation for affected people in all the cities that had reconciliations."


"The governor said the president will deliver a speech after few days in the parliament, and he will announce 14 constitutional decrees," he said.


The source said the decrees will include a major expansion on the theme of reconciliation in the hot cities and towns, especially the countryside of Damascus, in addition to another that deals with those who escaped from military service, whether officers or soldiers, adding that there will also be a comprehensive amnesty for them and they will be asked to return to service.


"The governor stressed that the amnesty decree Assad will announce includes all detainees in the security branches, but perhaps the amnesty will not include some prominent political figures, especially from Sednaya prison and the Air Force Intelligence branch."


On the reconstruction and infrastructure in cities and towns which reached truces and agreements with the regime, the source said: "The governor did not mention explicitly the reconstruction in cities and towns mentioned, because he said that these cities and towns are still a battleground and we cannot trust the armed groups."


The source said that the information told to him by the governor "is the most important statement made by the governor".


"He also asked us to encourage the cities and towns to make reconciliations and truces, especially in the area surrounding the capital, Damascus, and he named the city of Daraya in western Ghouta. The governor assured to me and to the rest of the figures gathered from various cities and towns around the capital Damascus that the regime wants to control these cities and with minimal losses, because the capital and its surroundings are the center of our power. Assad will issue a special decree that includes guarantees to encourage more militants to settle their status".


Assad has issued many previous decrees during his previous term, but these decrees did not receive adequate support; the military checkpoints arrested many of the fighters who had settled their status, as happened in Mouadamiyah, when the Fourth Brigade arrested 45 fighters,some of whom were killed.




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