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Assad Regime Moves 75 of Those Killed to Damascus

To the anger of families, the regime has moved the bodies of those killed in battles in al-Hamamiyet in the northern Hama countryside reports Alsouria Net.
Assad Regime Moves 75 of Those Killed to Damascus

The Assad regime moved the bodies of 75 to the 601 Military Hospital in Damascus after they fell in battles in al-Hamamiyet in the northern Hama countryside.

On Monday, the Sowt al-Asima (Voice of the Capital) network said that regime forces had brought more than 75 bodies to the 601 Military Hospital in Damascus, including a large number of reconciliation fighters from the Damascus countryside, who were killed on the fronts in northern Syria.

The network added that most of those killed were from the 6th and 4th Divisions and that 15 fighters were from Jableh in Lattakia, and 15 were from Suweida, and about 45 were from Damascus and its countryside.

The network quoted a source in the military hospital as saying that there had been verbal arguments between the dead’s family members, who gathered in front of the hospital to receive the bodies of their children, and the guards, because of the complicated procedures to take possession of the bodies.

The source said that a number of the corpses were unidentified, and that they were transferred to forensics labs to carry out tests and identify them.

Opposition groups attacked Assad’s forces in al-Hamamiyet town and its “strategic” hills in the northern Hama countryside and announced that they had killed a large number of Assad’s forces, but the regime was able to retake the town 24 hours after its loss.

On Sunday, the Russian Anna agency published a video clip in which a regime BMP vehicle was hit on the Hamamiyet front. The recording showed a number of Assad’s forces who were participating in the ongoing fighting in the region being killed.

Alongside Sowt al-Asima, The Marasal Suri network on Facebook on Sunday released 90 names of members of regime forces killed while fighting in the Idleb and Hama countrysides.

The list documented fighters and officers from the Damascus countryside areas in Zabadani, eastern Ghouta, and eastern and western Qalamoun, and Daraya and western Ghouta.

The spokesman for the National Front for Liberation, Naji Mustafa, previously told Alsouria Net that the opposition had, “managed to kill more than 50 Assad fighters, in addition to the dozens of wounded and missing on the Hamamiyet hills in the Hama countryside.”

Assad’s forces—with Russian logistical, air, and military support—have failed to achieve major progress in opposition areas, whose rebel groups have repelled all attempts to make major gains. The National Front previously told Alsouria Net that more than 1,200 members of Assad’s forces were killed in the fighting which has been ongoing since last May.


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