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Army of Islam Suspends Damascus Rocket Campaign

Rebel commander authorizes opposition to deliver rebels' demands for ceasefire following an intense rocket campaign against regime targets in Damascus
Army of Islam Suspends Damascus Rocket Campaign

In a phone call with a senior Syrian opposition figure, commander of the Army of Islam Zahran Alloush has said he would authorize the National Coalition to deliver the demands of Eastern Ghouta to the Arab League and the United Nations in order to halt any further rocket attacks on Damascus.


A source claimed the proposal by Alloush is aimed at authorizing key opposition groups to deliver rebels' demands to the Assad regime via Arab or international mediators in order to reach a settlement, halting the aerial bombardment of Damascus suburbs while opening humanitarian corridors for aid and food.


But Alloush added that the regime will have 48 hours to respond to the demands, or he will resume the pounding of regime strongholds with another 1,000 rockets.


Assad's air force has extended its aerial campaign against the rebel-held towns of Ghouta over the past week, killing at least 300 people while destroying entire neighborhoods, activists said.

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