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Alloush Ends Damascus Curfew

Army of Islam signals end of curfew as Damascenes fear further attacks
Alloush Ends Damascus Curfew

Leader of the Army of Islam, Zahran Alloush, announced through Twitter that the curfew imposed on the civilians of Damascus is postponed until further notice.


Dozens of rockets hit several neighborhoods in the capital Damascus on Sunday, a number of which landed inside the security square and the perimeter of: Umayyad Square, the university campus in Mezzeh, six rockets in the stronghold of the regime in Mezzeh 86, two near the State Security Branch in Kafarsouseh, one in ar-Rawda Square, and two in al-Mazraa, near Barada Club.


The people of the capital and Eastern Ghouta continue to fear the further onslaught. Field activists claim the initial death toll has reached over 35, and movement in the streets of Damascus has decreased since the attack began.


According to the Sham News Network, witnesses reported mortar shells were launched from Palestine Branch, the Martyrs' Sons School and the College of Engineering towards Damascus on Sunday. Witnesses also claim to have heard mortar shells being launched from the State Security Branch in Kafarsouseh neighborhood towards the capital.


A Siraj Press reporter in Eastern Ghouta said the regime's warplanes carried out more than 12 raids on the city of Douma, and the towns of Ain Tarma, Zamalka, Zebdine and Bala in the countryside of Damascus.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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