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Ahrar ash-Sham Commander Identified in Torture Photos

Key rebel group claims leaked images purportedly show commander brutally tortured to death in regime facility
Ahrar ash-Sham Commander Identified in Torture Photos

Ahrar ash-Sham rebels have identified the body of one of its commanders among photos of mass torture revealed by the defector 'Caesar'. The defector leaked 55,000 images of detainees tortured to death in Syrian regime security departments between 2012 and 2013.

The images purport to show the body of Bara’a Maniyah, also known as Abu Abdulbar, a former Ahrar ash-Sham commander in the Damascus suburbs.

Regime forces arrested Abu Abdulbar two years ago, with no news available as to his whereabouts until the release of Caesar’s leaked photos, allegedly confirming his death under torture. Abu Abdulbar was previously detained in Sidnaya prison, where he was partially blinded through torture. His eyes appear to be removed in the latest leaked images.

Abu Abdulbar worked tirelessly to form Ahrar al-Sham’s battalions in Damascus and its countryside for eight months prior to his arrest.

Abu Abdulbar was the first leader to be recognized form Caesar’s leaked photos, taken in hospital 601, the renowned military hospital in the Mezzah neighborhood of Damascus.

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