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Abu Laith Executes Nusra Member

Witnesses say the man was accused of belonging to ISIS
Abu Laith Executes Nusra Member

The rebel Ahfad al-Murselin battalion, headed by Abu Laith, executed a member of the Nusra Front in front of a crowd of people in Aleppo, eyewitnesses said Tuesday.


Witnesses said that the member was a Syrian from al-Bab and that he was calling for prayer when the gang of Abu al-Laith arrested him, tortured and executed him.


The witnesses said that Abu Laith and his gang investigated the man hurriedly and that he told them many times that he is from the Nusra Front and not the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria, but that they killed him anyway and exploded his car.


It is noteworthy that the battalion had vanished during recent months after the campaign led by Shariah Commission and ISIS to eliminate the battalions claiming to be from the Free Syrian Army.


The battalion, which benefitted from the chaos in Aleppo, re-emerged and allied with other organizations in order to join the fight against ISIS.


Translated and edited by the Syrian Observer


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