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221 Wanted Persons Turn Themselves In

Legal files of 84 gunmen are settled in the province
221 Wanted Persons Turn Themselves In

Over 220 wanted persons from Damascus and its countryside turned themselves in to authorities on Sunday to have their legal status settled.


Meanwhile, the legal files of 84 gunmen from Homs city and countryside who had turned themselves in to authorities have been settled after they pledged not to become involved in any act that might harm the homeland’s security.


The settlement applied to gunmen from several neighborhoods in Homs city, as well as the areas of Qusayr, Nakira, Ghanto, Talbiseh and Quraitan.


There has been significant surge lately in the number of wanted people and gunmen turning themselves in to authorities in various provinces, bringing the numbers of those who had or could have their legal status settled up to the thousands.


These settlements fall within the framework of efforts by the government in cooperation with the reconciliation committees and the local residents to achieve national reconciliation.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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