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Syria War Claims Over 2,000 Victims in May: Report

New report released by human rights group claims women and children account for 31 percent of civil casualties in the past month
Syria War Claims Over 2,000 Victims in May: Report

The Syrian Network for Human Rights has documented the deaths of 2,223 victims in Syria during the month of May due to the war. The Network released a report stating that the Syrian regime and its militias are responsible for the deaths of the largest number of victims, having killed 1,713 people, including 1,381 civilians – among them 236 children and 186 women – while 82 civilians died under torture. Regime forces are also reported to have killed 332 opposition fighters.

The report said that the percentage of women and children among civilians casualties reached 31 percent, “showing the regime's deliberate targeting of civilians".

Regarding the victims of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), 197 civilians were reported killed, including nine children and eight women, in addition to 104 opposition fighters.

The Network said al-Nusra Front had been responsible for the killing of four civilians, including a child, while one person died under torture.

The report also documented the "death of 14 civilians at the hands of the Democratic Union Party forces, including four children and four women".

While the report further states that the international coalition against ISIS has caused the deaths of 68 civilians, including 32 children and 19 women.

The Network pointed out that the recorded death toll "does not include the victims among government forces and ISIS militants due to the lack of standards that can be followed, as both sides prohibit and prosecute the Network's team".

The Network also documented the death of 10 journalists during May, noting that the largest number of them were killed by regime forces.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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