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Syria Leads UN Diplomacy

Damascus has intensified its diplomacy with the United Nations agencies, according to SANA.
Syria Leads UN Diplomacy

Ambassador Hasan Khaddour, Permanent Representative of Syria to the UN in Vienna, asserted that Syria attaches great importance to closely cooperating with United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).

Speaking at the Industrial Development Board fiftieth session, Khaddour asserted ‘Syria highly considers UNIDO exerted efforts to support Syrian industrial development and looks forwards to UNIDO engagement in Syria in light of the war and hard-hitting economic sanctions whose impacts linger since 2011.”

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Khaddour stated that the conditions of the terrorist economic war waged on Syria have had dreadful consequences on all sectors, particularly the industrial sector.

He underlined that the Syrian government is making outstanding efforts to meet the challenges of economic sanctions and unilateral coercive measures. “Therefore, Syria is counting on UNIDO’s fundamental supporting role to help the Syrian government to reconstruct the industrial sector”, hailing in this regard the organization’s cooperation with Syria to launch the project of revitalization agri-food industry sector.

Mekdad – UNDP

For his part, Minister Faisal al-Mekdad reviewed Wednesday with Khaleda Bouzar, Assistant Secretary-General and Director of the United Nations Development Programme Regional Bureau for the Arab States, the existing mutual cooperation between Syria and the Program.

During the dialogue, the need to strengthen cooperation was stressed, particularly in the areas of early recovery for the electricity, health, water, education and sanitation sectors stipulated in Security Council Resolution No. 2642.

“It is important not to link the so-called political process with humanitarian aid.” Minister Mekdad stressed

In her turn, Bouzar indicated that the program’s good relationship with the Syrian government contributes to developing the program’s work to serve the goals of humanitarian work.


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