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Qadri Jamil Calls for Corruption Probe of Central Bank Governor

In a statement, Jamil said the governor was single-handedly responsible for the deterioration of Syrian living standards
Qadri Jamil Calls for Corruption Probe of Central Bank Governor

The People’s Front for Liberation and Change, led by Deputy Prime Minister for Economy and Trade, Qadri Jamil and the Minister of National Reconciliation, Ali Haider, issued a statement Tuesday calling for a probe of corrupt activities of the Central Bank Governor, Adib Meyalah.


The statement said that the deterioration of the economic and living conditions in Syria has been a direct result of "forces of corruption in the state system, working together with external forces, for the same objectives that they failed to reach through the escalation of the bloody and violent conflict in Syria."


The statement said these corrupt forces were working to "inflame" the crisis by putting pressure on the living conditions of Syrians through the exchange rate of the Syrian Pound, successive price rises, as well as the cancellation of fuel subsidies and energy carriers.


The statement said that the performance of the current government "has not fallen short to the extent of necessitating the current status quo." It called for the formation of an effective government with broad ranging powers to address current living standards.


"A competent government to [investigate] the corrupt system, its figures and mechanisms, and primarily, the man fundamentally responsible of the deterioration of the Syrian Pound," it said.


"[A government] to judge the financial departments led by the governor of the Central Bank of Syria, place them under the authority of the government, activate the role of the monetary council in the Central Bank, and continue the subsidies policy.”



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