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Accountability Campaigns Launched After Decision to Prohibit Transactions with Wealthy War Figures and High-Ranking Security Officers

The Syrian presidency is conducting its anti-corruption campaign, discreetly and away from public attention, Hashtag Syria says.
Accountability Campaigns Launched After Decision to Prohibit Transactions with Wealthy War Figures and High-Ranking Security Officers

Within the context of the anti-corruption campaign initiated by the Syrian presidency, discreetly conducted away from public attention, significant strides have been made in recovering billions of Syrian pounds from numerous businessmen and officials. A notable figure, widely recognized among Syrians as (K.T), engaged in various sectors such as communications, customs, contracting, and security companies, has come under scrutiny as part of these efforts.

“Abu Ali Khodr” – Unveiling the Enigmatic Power Player in Syria’s Complex Landscape

Hashtag obtained information from sources closely monitoring the accountability campaign and indicates that (K.T.) has been residing outside the country for over a week. This development coincides with directives issued to thoroughly investigate his business dealings and reclaim unlawfully acquired funds. Additionally, a directive has been issued instructing aall government agencies not to engage in any dealings with him.

While a prior decision to cease dealings with K.T. had been swiftly revoked, the latest decision is reported to be final, conclusive, and non-negotiable. This decision is a crucial component of the systematic anti-corruption campaign initiated at the beginning of 2024

Sources further disclose that, during the examination of his records, it was discovered that (K.T.) utilizes an official within the security apparatus to carry out retaliatory and illicit actions on his behalf. Consequently, a decision has been made to also relieve the head of the agency from duty and halt his activities abruptly until the investigations are concluded.


Syrian activists say that the businessman alluded to here is Khodr Taher, a.k.a. Abu Ali Khodr, who has become a key figure in Syria’s conflict, closely aligned with Asma al-Assad. His rise to power, marked by his significant economic influence and a U.S. sanction under the Caesar Act, stems from his regime connections and alleged suppression of opposition. Starting from humble beginnings in Tartous, he now heads several businesses, notably Imatel, suspected to be a front for Asma al-Assad’s economic ambitions. His control over Syria’s border crossings underscores his influence. Despite facing international sanctions for suspected regime financing and drug smuggling, Abu Ali Khodr’s ascent reflects the intricate dynamics of power, economy, and politics in Syria’s turmoil.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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