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PM: Syria in Good Stead for 2015

Syria will continue on political, military and domestic track in 2015 says PM
PM: Syria in Good Stead for 2015

Prime Minister Wael al-Halki said Syria will be stepping into the new year on solid ground, by continuing the fight against terrorism and pursuing the political process to solve the crisis inside the country.


Addressing a People’s Assembly in a session chaired by Deputy Speaker Fehmi Hassan on Sunday, Halki added that efforts will also include pursuing further national reconciliation, securing citizens’ needs, continuing care for the families of martyrs and moving ahead with reconstruction-related work.


“The time of the rise of ISIS and its sisters is approaching its end,” said Halki, referring to the terrorist organization of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.


He affirmed that ISIS and other terrorist organizations operating inside Syria are inevitably doomed thanks to the sacrifices of the Syrian army and armed forces, security forces and popular defense groups, asserting that bringing security back to Syria is the government’s top priority.


Stressing the government’s commitment to continue handling the humanitarian situation, the premier called upon displaced Syrians outside the country to come back, pledging full support.


Halki stressed that the government considers the national opposition as a partner in the Syrian-Syrian dialogue process, noting that political foundations need to be laid for this dialogue that could enable Syrians to settle urgent issues on the national agenda, adding that efforts to realize reconciliation will continue until comprehensive national reconciliation is achieved.


The prime minister said that the government will also continue to focus on improving the living conditions of citizens despite sanctions and shortages in resources, with an emphasis on providing necessary services and goods at reasonable prices along with curbing corruption, squandering, smuggling, and monopolies.

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