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Military Civilian Protection Authorities Provide Relief and Aid

The Authorities work alongside the Free Syrian Army to build a civil state
Military Civilian Protection Authorities Provide Relief and Aid

The Civilian Protection Authority is an independent national body that works alongside the Syrian Free Army (FSA) to provide relief, civil services and humanitarian aid.


"The long term goal is a civil state," one of the authority founders, Lieutenant Col. Mohammed Bakkour, leader of al-Ansar brigade, said.


"Our duty is to protect civilians by all means until we topple Bashar Assad."


"We have to protect public property and liberate the areas from pro-Assad militias, as well as  communicate and cooperated with media and human rights organizations to document crimes committed by the Assad regime," Bakkour added.


Bakkour stressed that while "everyone has the right to defend him or herself, controlling the spread of arms is an important task for us."


The authority has participated in many military operations in Aleppo, including the liberation of the police school in Millis, Khan al-Assal, Brigade 46 and al-Rashidin.


It provides humanitarian assistance in relief work and delivery of medical aid to field hospitals, also working with rebels to break the Homs siege.


The Civilian Protection Authority consists of many brigades under the banners of Ansar al-Khilafa,  Amjad  al-Islam, Asoud al-Islam Brigade, Muawiyah, Nassar al-Kalamoun, Khaled bin Walid, Siouf al-Islam, al-Karama, and others.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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