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Loaf of Bread is a Red Line: PM

Halqi said that the burden on government had become heavier recently
Loaf of Bread is a Red Line: PM

Syrian Prime Minister Wael Halqi said that the government continues its national duty in confronting terrorists in Syria and reducing its effects in the political, military, economic, financial, social, media and intellectual fields.


Halqi pointed that the government faces the major challenges resulting from the crisis, such as the economic sanctions and the systematic sabotage of the economic and service structures carried out by the armed terrorist groups.


In an address to parliament, Halqi said that the burden on government had become heavier recently, and that procedures had become more complicated and urgent.


Halqi explained that most of the decisions the government made through the last three months focused on urgent procedures to reduce the effects of the crisis.


Halqi mentioned that the most important priorities are: Providing the basic needs of citizens (such as food and fuel), the stability of the Syrian Pound, supporting the armed forces, taking care of the families of the martyrs, providing compensation programs, and the state budget in order to fight corruption and to reactivate the production process for small and medium-sized projects.


As for providing flour, Halqi confirmed that the strategic reserve varies among the governorates, but said “We will always provide the needs to produce bread, which is a red line for the Syrian government, despite the difficulties of transportation.”


Halqi said that the government had to import flour during this crisis because of the problems in transportation, the shortage of electric power and fuel.


Translated and edited by the Syrian Observer


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