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Leaked Photos Document Regime Torture of Children, Women and Elderly

Pictures part of a series of 55,000 images of 11,000 civilians who have died under torture in regime torture cells
Leaked Photos Document Regime Torture of Children, Women and Elderly

New photos leaked from Assad's detention centers show civilians killed under torture, all of them are women, children and elderly.

The Zaman Al Wasl news website published 13 leaked images, one of them showing the body of a girl in the midst of the bodies of detainees, where the signs of hunger and torture had left only the remnants of skin on their bones. The bodies were marked with numbers, rendering them as abstract figures.

Other pictures revealed bodies of detainees between the ages of 13 and 17, while others documented the bodies of two elderly people, one of them aged between 55 and 60 years, in an image showing a regime soldier stomping on the forehead of the victim with his military boots.

Syrian dissident Maher Sharaf al-Din commented on the leaked images, saying: "unfortunately, I have reached the stage where I consider the Alawites enemies of humanity, just like barbarians and Mongols. And I swear to you, if I was an Alawite, I would not hesitate for a moment in announcing my defection from this criminal sect and take up arms against my family".

Zaman al-Wasl repeated its call for all those concerned with human rights around the world to move to trial those involved in what has become known as the "crime of the century". The documents were leaked in early 2014 by the defector nicknamed "Caesar", documenting the thousands of victims who had died in regime security centers. The fate of tens of thousands of detainees is still unknown, as the torture machine continues.

The news site noted that its main objective behind the publication of the photos is to inform the world of the regime’s brutality, and to remind the people of the wound from which it continues to bleed. The site appealed to the families of the victims, begging them to help to reveal the identities of the martyrs, as this step is essential to the future trial of the torturers.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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