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Jordanian Soldiers Wounded While Thwarting Smuggling of Weapons and Drugs from Syria

Several border guards sustained light to moderate injuries, while the armed groups were repelled back into Syria, according to al-Modon.

On Monday, the Jordanian army reported the successful prevention of the smuggling of rockets, automatic weapons, and a substantial quantity of drugs from Syria. The clash with armed groups on the northern border resulted in injuries to several army members. A spokesperson from the army’s general command disclosed that the border guard forces engaged in a dawn confrontation with armed groups, ultimately thwarting the smuggling attempt.

During the exchange of fire, several border guards sustained light to moderate injuries, while the armed groups were repelled back into Syria. There has been a recent surge in drug smuggling activities, transitioning from infiltration to armed clashes targeting border guard forces. The army emphasized its commitment to monitoring and countering these groups to preserve national security, vowing to take necessary actions to deter and pursue them.

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The clashes are part of a broader pattern of aggression by armed groups, resulting in the death of smugglers, the arrest of one individual, the martyrdom of a member of the armed forces, and the injury of another. Speaker of the House of Representatives, Ahmed Safadi, urged the Jordanian forces to deal decisively with these organized smuggling groups to safeguard the borders and national security. He expressed solidarity with the Jordanian army and King Abdullah II in their efforts to protect the country.

During a parliamentary session, Safadi commended the heroic efforts of the border guard forces, highlighting their defense of homeland security against armed groups. He noted that recent days have seen a notable increase in smuggling operations, with the army successfully thwarting four large-scale operations within three days, seizing substantial quantities of drugs, including Captagon pills and hashish.

Reports from the Suwayda 24 network indicated that at least 10 smugglers were killed, injured, or lost contact in the past three days due to Jordanian border guard forces responding to infiltration attempts from the Syrian side. Communication was severed with individuals from Daraa, Suweida, and Deir ez-Zor govrnorates, with indications that they perished in clashes with Jordanian forces. The army confirmed the death of a non-HTS officer, the injury of another border guard, and the killing and injuring of several smugglers during the clashes.



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