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Drugs Seized From Students at Damascus University

Students at Damascus University have been caught in possession with drugs and performing immoral acts in public places reports Al-Watan.
Drugs Seized From Students at Damascus University

The dormitory director at Damascus University, Ahmed Wasil, has revealed that students have been found to be in possession of drugs and that the illegal narcotics had been seized, adding that students had been evicted immediately and concerned parties were taking the necessary measures against them.

Wasil also revealed that some immoral practices had taken place in public areas or in the parks, adding that work had been done to put an end to this by carrying out three evening patrols on a daily basis in the public area. He continued: “I was struck with an iron bar by a student who was sitting with his girlfriend in an inappropriate way in the park after I told him not to continue doing this.”

The dormitory director said that there was constant cooperation with the criminal and security agencies responsible for the dorms, even if the situations occur outside the dorms. For instance, if there is an arrest warrant or notification for a student who has carried out some bad behavior outside the dorm, whether that be theft, looting, fraud or rape. The notification for the student is sent to the dorm administration office because they are responsible for him and then he is handed over to the competent authorities in coordination with the student union. He added: “Of course the dormitory administration is not responsible for behaviors outside the dorms,” and added that this is a private matter that is not interfered with if it is outside the walls of the dorms.

Wasil also said that the situation of services in the residential units for men has deteriorated greatly and that the units are not up to standard. He added that the renovations that had been carried out on these units 10 years ago were not successful and the situation had gotten worse. He hoped that the university budget in the coming year would be better and would include funds for the construction of units and the renovation of other units.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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