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Assad Amends Mandatory Military Service Law

Monetary recompense for individuals with residence abroad has been reduced
Assad Amends Mandatory Military Service Law

President Bashar Assad on Wednesday issued legislative decree no. 33 for 2014, amending a number of articles of legislative decree no. 30 for 2007 regarding the mandatory military service law.


As per the amendments, monetary recompense for individuals with residence of no less than four years abroad is now $8,000, reduced from a previous amount of $15,000 for five years. Recompense for individuals who were born in an Arab or foreign country before they turned 18 is set at $2,500 from the previous amount of $500.


The amendments also alter the number of sons per family who may postpone their military service. One son may postpone if two to four brothers are performing mandatory, voluntary, or reserve military service, while two sons may postpone if there are five to eight brothers in the service, and three sons may do so if there are nine or more brothers in the service. Before the amendments, only one son could postpone in any case.


The decree also exempts individuals who are above the age of reservists from posting a bail before receiving permission to travel.The amendments also removed an exception to the article that stipulates state establishments to preserve drafted servicemen’s jobs, promotions, and posts until they finish service, giving contract workers the same benefits as regular employees, as well as workers in the private sector in companies and establishments with over 50 workers. Drafted workers receive the same benefits as their colleagues who are still working.


The decree stipulates the termination of employment of state employees who fail to join their assigned draft for mandatory or reserve service.


The amendments now allow those who exceeded the age of mandatory service and didn’t serve, to pay monetary recompense of $8,000 or the equivalent in Syrian Pounds. Previously the amount of recompense was based on the individual’s estimated salary according to their education.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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