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100 Million SP Allocated For Damascus Parks

The news comes as the regime continues to destroy millions of square meters of residential areas
100 Million SP Allocated For Damascus Parks

The Damascus Governorate has allocated 100 million Syrian Pounds to the Parks Directorate in the province to improve the parks and services to make them a "safe haven for children and families".


The Directorate has allocated some places for walking and other places as children's playgrounds, and has funded chairs to sit and rest, trash cans and fountains, as well as lighting at night. The Directorate will also provide playgrounds for people with special needs, in addition to fitness equipment that will contribute to the increase of activities and visitor's fitness levels, according to the pro-regime Tishreen newspaper.


Bassam Abbas, the Director of Parks Directorate told regime media that "the parks are distributed across the entire area of ​​the city of Damascus and include 177 open parks and 772 closed parks,  with a total area of some 3.6 million square meters." This means that the per capita share of green space in the city of Damascus is about 85 square centimeters".


The news comes as regime artilleries and tanks continue the destruction of millions of square meters of residential areas, displacing many. Then comes the Assad government, which offers the Syrians less than one meter of luxury and comfort, no more than the space of a coffin for each citizen.


The regime's 'entertainment' projects come after a series of decisions issued by the government to raise the prices of food and rations. The price of a bag of bread has risen to 25 Syrian Pounds from 15, after already previously rising from 9 Syrian Pounds –  an invrease of 67%. The Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Protection issued a decree setting the maximum sale prices of white imported and domestic sugar, previously about 25 Sp, at 50 SP in all provinces.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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