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Opinion Poll: Majority of Turks Reject Their Regime’s Aggression on Syrian Territories

A new poll by the Metropole Foundation has revealed that the majority of Turkey reject their country’s involvement in north Syria and wish to see the return of refugees writes SANA.
Opinion Poll: Majority of Turks Reject Their Regime’s Aggression on Syrian Territories

An opinion poll showed that the majority of Turks reject the aggression of Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s regime on Syrian territories and its support for terrorist organizations in Idleb governorate. 

The poll, conducted by the Metropole Foundation, showed that about 50 percent of Turks find no justification for the presence of their regime’s army in Idleb, while more than 20 percent say that they have no opinion on this issue, compared to a small percentage that declared support for the aggression.

The poll indicated that 73 percent of the Turks expressed support for the cessation of hostilities agreement and 70.3 percent affirmed the necessity of returning Syrian refugees to their country through coordination and cooperation with the Syrian state. 

Over the past two weeks, the Turkish regime has tried to mobilize all of its terrorist mercenaries and provide them with advanced weaponry and launched major attacks on army sites in Saraqeb and southern Idleb and some areas of the Hama and Aleppo countryside and under fiery coverage from the Turkish regime, with the aim of reoccupying the areas liberated by the Syrian army, but all of its attempts failed.

President Vladimir Putin announced at the end of his talks with the head of the Turkish regime in Moscow on Thursday, that an agreement was reached to stop the hostilities in Idleb, indicating that the agreement confirms commitment to Syrian unity and sovereignty and Syria’s right to continue fighting terrorism.


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