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Negotiating Body Assesses Participation in Fifth Round of Negotiations

The Syrian Negotiation Commission has praised its efforts to make breakthroughs in the fifth round of Constitutional Committee meetings, writes Baladi News.
Negotiating Body Assesses Participation in Fifth Round of Negotiations

Representatives of the Syrian Negotiation Commission (SNC) in the expanded Constitutional Committee held their periodic meeting on Wednesday to evaluate the work of the fifth round of Constitutional Committee meetings and to discuss the work plan for the coming period. 

Co-chair of the Constitutional Committee, Hadi al-Bahra, and members of the small body (or a mini-committee) gave a comprehensive briefing on the fifth round of the drafting committee meetings, which were held from January 25 through January 29, to discuss constitutional principles. 

Bahra praised the commitment of the negotiating body’s representatives in the Constitutional Committee and their hard work to discuss the items on the agenda and present proposals for formulations on the basic constitutional principles. Meanwhile the regime representatives kept on implementing the same policies of obstruction and procrastination and evading serious and constructive involvement in the constitutional process. 

Bahra underlined the necessity of an effective international commitment and international consensus to ensure the full and strict implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 2254 of 2015 in order to reach a comprehensive, sustainable political solution. 

The representatives of the negotiating body had the following demands for United Nations Special Envoy for Syria, Geir Pedersen: firstly, to keep the Security Council in the loop with regards to the facts pertaining to the proceedings of the meetings of the Constitutional Committee especially with regard to the details of the last fifth round. Pederson is expected to be present during the briefing on February 9, as he explained in his closing speech to the committee and his press statements.

Secondly, the need to agree on a timetable for the work of the Constitutional Committee and a methodology to manage the debate and make sure it is fruitful. This is in addition to reemphasizing the request of the SNC to find binding mechanisms to implement what was mentioned in Resolution 2254 regarding confidence-building steps, starting with the release of the detainees and revealing the fate of the forcibly disappeared, as well as the completion of the implementation of Resolution 2254’s pledge to establishment a credible, comprehensive resolution for all, such as a transitional governing body.

The representatives of the negotiating committee in the expanded Constitutional Committee agreed to wait for the outcome of the international efforts this month. This will bring greater clarity as to the decision of the Syrian negotiating committee on the next steps. The representatives stressed their readiness to assume their national responsibilities in reaching a new draft constitution that meets the aspirations of the Syrian people, and the revolution’s goals to achieve freedom, dignity, justice, democracy, and a state of equal citizenship for all. 

They stressed that the only way to stop the suffering of Syria and reunify the Syrian territories is the full and strict implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 2264. They also reaffirmed that the drafting of the new constitution is part of the integrated political process, which provides for the formation of a transitional governing body and the achievement of a safe and neutral environment to ensure the voluntary, dignified, and safe return of the displaced and refugees to their homes, and to conduct free and fair elections in accordance with the highest standards of international transparency, based on the new constitution.


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