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Hundreds of Palestinian Volunteers Forcibly Disappeared in Syria

According to Action Group For Palestinians Of Syria, thousands of activists have been killed and countless hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies have been targeted.
Hundreds of Palestinian Volunteers Forcibly Disappeared in Syria

Action Group For Palestinians Of Syria (AGPS) documented the death of 3,989 Palestinian refugees in war-torn Syria, among them hundreds of activists, relief officers, and volunteer medics. 

Daily scenes of bloodshed and destruction led to deteriorating humanitarian conditions in Syria. AGPS kept records of serious violations against medics, paramedics, and ambulances by the different warring parties in Syria. Wounded civilians, expectant mothers, elderly people and hundreds of other humanitarian cases have faced severe difficulties trying to reach hospitals and medical centers. 

At the same time, heavy damage has been wrought on medical equipment in Palestinian refugee camps and shelters as a result of the deadly onslaughts, burglary and theft carried out against hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies. 

AGPS documented flagrant violations against medical crews and relief officers. These include extra-judicial killings, abduction, crackdowns, movement restrictions and torture in jail.

Lists of dozens of medics, paramedics, and volunteers who have been killed, detained, forcibly disappeared or tortured to death figure in AGPS’ archives.

AGPS reiterates its calls to the Syrian government and all other concerned parties to protect people carrying out humanitarian missions in tension-stricken zones.


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